Behaviour Support

Behaviour support Adelaide considers individualised strategies for people with a disability that are responsive to the person’s needs, in a way that reduces the occurrence and impact of behaviours of concern, and minimises the use of restrictive practices. Connect Allied Health focus on person-centred interventions to address the underlying causes of behaviours of concern, or challenging behaviours, while safeguarding the dignity and quality of life of people with a disability who require specialist behaviour support. These arrangements will include undertaking a functional behavioural assessment, then developing an NDIS behaviour support plan containing evidence-based, proactive strategies that meet the needs of the participant.

In regards to behaviour support, Connect Allied Health will work to support the
following outcomes:

»» Each participant accesses behaviour support that is appropriate to their needs which incorporates evidence-informed practice and complies with relevant legislation and policy frameworks.

»» Each participant is only subject to a restrictive practice that meets any state and territory authorisation (however described) requirements and the relevant requirements and safeguards outlined in Commonwealth legislation and policy.

»» Each participant’s quality of life is maintained and improved by tailored, evidence informed behaviour support plans that are responsive to their needs.

»» Each participant’s behaviour support plan is implemented effectively to meet the participant’s behaviour support needs.

»» Each participant has a current behaviour support plan that reflects their needs, improves their quality of life and supports their progress towards positive change. The plan progresses towards the reduction and elimination of restrictive practices, where these are in place for the participant.

»» Each participant that is subject to an emergency or unauthorised use of a restrictive practice has the use of that practice reported and reviewed.

»» Each participant with an immediate need for a behaviour support plan receives an interim behaviour support plan which minimises the risk to the participant and others.

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