For Children

Children have specific needs relating to their physical development. We are committed to optimising a child’s movement by maximising muscle and joint function in the growing body.

Connect Allied Health Physiotherapists:
  • Support infants and children with a range of medical conditions including gross motor delay, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Cerebral Palsy and Acquired Brain Injury.
  • Work with children and their families to improve gross motor skills, such as sitting, standing, and walking and improve flexibility, strength, and endurance.
  • Develop, implement and modify individual therapy plans.
Your child may benefit from physiotherapy if they:
  • Feel ‘floppy’ or ‘stiff’ with handling.
  • Do not tolerate ‘tummy time’ well by 4 months of age.
  • Are not sitting by 9 months, not trying to stand up by 12 months and not walking by 18 months.
  • Have an unusual walk or foot posture.
  • Are clumsy with gross motor skills (running, jumping or ball skills).

We can visit your home, school or kindergarten.

For Adults

Connect Allied Health physiotherapists are passionate about improving mobility, independence and quality of life, and are qualified to work in partnership with clients with a variety of medical conditions, including stroke, neurological disease and frailty to:
  • Restore, maintain and improve mobility and movements.
  • Increase physical endurance.
  • Manage and reduce pain, including in relation to chronic diseases.
  • Alleviate muscle rigidity and inflammation of nerves and conjunctive tissues after illnesses, traumas, and injuries.
  • Treat and manage posture and gait disorders.
  • Prevent falls.
  • Treat back and joint pain.
  • Maximise physical and functional abilities.
You may benefit from physiotherapy if you:
  • Have sustained an injury.
  • Muscle and joint weakness and aches.
  • Difficulties balancing or are at risk of falling.
  • Would like advice regarding exercise or improving strength, fitness or flexibility.

We can visit your home or residential aged care facility.

Our Process


Step 1



Step 2

Discuss concerns and understand client goals


Step 3

Discuss funding options


Step 4

Client is paired with appropriate clinician according to individual needs


Step 5

Confirm preferred days and times for therapy


Step 6

Sign consent forms and service agreements

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Information Regarding the best Physiotherapists Adelaide

The Best Physiotherapy adelaide (The Best Physiotherapist adelaide) is a healthcare profession that can help you to maintain and restore your body throughout your life. We assess, diagnose and treat physical conditions with the aim of assisting you to reach your best level of physical function. It also improves motion and general well-being by taking care of the primary physical issues. The best physiotherapist adelaide can benefit people who are affected by wound, injury, ailment or disability through movement and workout, manual therapy, instruction, and guidance. They preserve health for people of all ages, serving patients to manage pain and prevent disease.

What techniques do The Best Physiotherapists Adelaide use?

The Best Physiotherapists Adelaide use a diverse set of techniques, depending on the nature of the injury or problem they are facing. All the techniques have been implemented effectively and efficiently. The most mutual physiotherapy techniques are:

  • Manual handling:Moving joints and soft tissue helps to recover circulation, drain fluid from the body, and relax exceedingly tight or muscles with spasms.
  • Electrical nerve stimulation:Small electrical currents brought to affected areas helps to suppress and block pain signals to the brain.
  • Acupuncture:Needles excite the nervous system and work to dull pain, release muscles, improve the immune system and control various body functions.
  • Demonstration:guiding them with proper movement patterns allows patients to help heal themselves by repeating those exercises.
  • Functional testing:Testing a patient to assess his/her bodily
  • Device provision:Remedy, fabrication, and application of assistive, adaptive, helpful and defensive devices and equipment.

Our team use mostly physical means such as exercise, handling, mobilization, massage, and electrotherapy to aid patients in achieving their full potential. Therefore they can make most out of their body and live independently.

The Best physiotherapist adelaide

The Service Provided by The Best Physiotherapists Adelaide

Conventionally, The Best physiotherapist adelaide was stated as rehabilitative and mainly hospital-based. The occupation has always been energetic in other health care areas as well. The Best Physiotherapists adelaide have priceless proficiency to offer educational and preventative roles in the community, the workplace and private practice.

The physiotherapy adelaide profession is so extensive, diverse and varied. consequently several Physiotherapists adelaide select to concentrate in one or two specific fields. Students who graduate from university and colleges are taking more interest in this field. However, Chartered Physiotherapists adelaide are all devoted to the same goals:

  • Support people in getting back their full potential following injury, pain or disability. To let people be entirely on their own, so that they can relish their life.
  • Deliver a health service that is available, effective and caring.
  • Continue to start scientific research and training to improve our service.
  • Offer a facility that is based on high standards of attention and practice.

Physiotherapy adelaide (The Best Physiotherapists adelaide) has risen to the horizon as a promising specialty among the health care providers.  Be it orthopedic department or plastic surgery department, every genre of surgical care would need a The Best physiotherapist adelaide (The Best  Physiotherapy adelaide). This is  for post-operative management of patients both on emergency or elective basis.

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The Best physiotherapist adelaide.

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