Occupational Therapy

Connect Allied Health occupational therapists are registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). We are dedicated to promoting and supporting effective participation for children and adults in the occupations of everyday life.

Occupational therapy for children

Our paediatric occupational therapists are passionate about working with children and are skilled to target the following areas:

  • Gross motor skills (whole body movement involving the large core stabilising muscles of the body to perform everyday functions, such as standing, walking, running, and sitting upright. They also include hand-eye coordination, e.g., throwing, catching and kicking).
  • Fine motor skills (coordination of hands and fingers, e.g., doing up buttons and zips, using pencils, writing, and tying shoelaces).
  • Sensory processing (refers to the way the brain receives, organises and responds to sensory input in order to behave in a meaningful & consistent manner, e.g., sensitivities to loud noises or light, movement seeking, and meltdowns).
  • Attending and concentrating.
  • Self-care tasks, e.g., toileting and dressing.
  • Education for parents and carers.

Your child may benefit from occupational therapy if they:

  • Have difficulties walking smoothly by 2 years.
  • Have difficulties holding a crayon with thumb and finger (not fist) or eating without assistance by age 2-3 years.
  • Unable to catch using body by 3 years.
  • Have difficulties snipping paper by 3-4 years.
  • Unable to kick a ball forward by 4 years.
  • Have difficulties writing their own name by 4-5 years.
  • Cannot draw basic pictures by 5-6 years.

Occupational therapy for adults 

Occupational therapy can offer solutions to independence, participation, engagement and well-being for adults. Our occupational therapists are passionate about helping participants improve their mobility and quality of life, and can support the following areas:

  • Activities of daily living: Self-care activities such as showering, eating, and dressing.
  • Household and community functioning: Budgeting, shopping.
  • Education and work: Participate effectively in learning/work environments.
  • Leisure, play and social participation: Positive interaction and access to community.
  • Minor home modifications: Assess and modify participants’ homes and/or community environments to improve safety and independence.
  • Adaptive equipment: Prescribe and educate participants and carers in the use of adaptive equipment to assist function.
  • Independence: Help participants regain or enhance their daily lives after specific events such as hip replacement or stroke.

You may benefit from occupational therapy if you:

  • Would like to improve independence in activities of daily living, such as showering, toileting, dressing, cooking and self-feeding.
  • Are at risk of falls or have reduced mobility.
  • Have difficulties with balance and coordination.
  • Require assistive devices to enhance comfort, safety and independence with day-to-day tasks.

Our Process



Call our friendly team on 08 8337 8770



Discuss individual needs, goals and preferences



Discuss options for funding



Client is paired with appropriate clinician according to individual needs



Confirm preferred days and times for therapy



Sign consent forms and service agreements

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Information Regarding Childrens Occupational Therapist Adelaide (OT Adelaide)

Through Connect Allied Health, a Childrens Occupational Therapist Adelaide  (OT Adelaide) will have the capability to provide you with the quality services and improve the ability of a child to learn, play and interact with others. Connect Allied Health provides you with a range of professional services including and not limited to, Physiotherapists, Dietitians, Podiatry and Occupational Therapists. The inclusion of these services will enable your child to grow and increase a number of essential skills a child needs to enjoy life. Children’s Occupational Therapist’s from Connect Allied Health are available across South Australia, we a range of professionals also provide their professional services. The inclusion of Childrens Occupational Therapist Adelaide (OT Adelaide) into your treatment plan will enable your child to grow, develop and improve their quality of life. We offer our occupational therapy services to children of all ages and as well as adults.

Connect Allied Health have the capacity to monitor and control the whole process. Through us you will be provided with professionals necessary to establish improve development in gross motor skills, fine motor skills, sensory processing and functional skills.

Childrens Occupational Therapist Adelaide Service (OT Adelaide)

The Childrens Occupational Therapist Adelaide (OT Adelaide) is provided through Connect Allied Health and available across South Australia. The Childrens Occupational Therapist Adelaide will analyse the capabilities of the child and then seek to identify short and long term goals for the child. Subsequently, they will provide the family or carer with techniques to improve the patients capabilities at home. The main goal for the Childrens Occupational Therapist (OT Adelaide) is to set targets and improve the child’s overall performance of daily activities. Our occupation therapists are passionate about working with children and helping them achieving a variety of skills.

The Benefits Of Childrens Occupational Therapist Adelaide (OT Adelaide)

Children’s Occupational Therapist Adelaide (OT Adelaide) will have the capability to provide your child with the opportunity to increase a variety of skills. We will be able to provide your child with the appropriate professionals and match them to your child’s current development and needs. With the association to Connect Allied Health, your child will have the opportunity to have access to a variety of professionals. By being connected to a range of professionals you will not only grow your child’s development but you will also develop their confidence. Connect Allied Health will have the capability to support you in the process in providing care to your child.
Invest in Childrens Occupational Therapist Adelaide
With the inclusion of a Childrens Occupational Therapist Adelaide (OT Adelaide) your treatment plan, your child will have the potential to grow and develop. Contact us now on 0400 590 831.

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