Sarah Tilley


Principal Speech Pathologist
Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnostician
Positive Behaviour Support Practitioner

Sarah is the founder of Connect Allied Health and has over 10 years’ experience as a speech pathologist, working with both paediatric and adult clients across a range of settings including homes, schools, hospitals, early learning centres, residential aged care facilities, clinic and rural/remote locations. 

About Sarah:

Sarah has extensive experience in dysphagia management (swallowing impairment), rehabilitation relating to speech, language and swallow function, and augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) following a range of medical conditions, including cerebrovascular accident (stroke), traumatic brain injury, cognitive impairment, and neurological conditions. Sarah is also passionate about working with children, supporting the development of speech and language, social communication, paediatric feeding and dysphagia, and more, to help them reach their full potential.

Sarah completes diagnostic assessments for Autism Spectrum Disorder for both paediatric and adult clients and is also skilled as a positive behaviour support practitioner to support clients who display behaviours of concern.

Sarah believes in a holistic and client-centred approach, where interventions are tailored to suit individual needs. Sarah has enjoyed being a Clinical Educator and repeat guest lecturer on the topic of dysphagia at the University of Adelaide. She is also a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist and current member of Speech Pathology Australia.

Connect Allied Health describe her as:

Hard working, dedicated, passionate and kind

Outside of work

Sarah enjoys spending time with her two beautiful children (Arlo and Isla) and her husband, Shannon. She also enjoys wakeboarding, water skiing, and surfing, and has a love of traveling and experiencing new cultures.

Beach days and coffee

Sleep deprivation and mess


Clinical Manager

Senior speech pathologist

Sarah is a dedicated and passionate speech pathologist, with just over three years’ experience in the field. Sarah is passionate about working with children with speech, language, and social communication difficulties and adults with communication and swallowing difficulties (dysphagia).

About Sarah:

Sarah enjoys all aspects of speech pathology and has a special interest in Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) to support individuals who are non-verbal or minimally verbal to find ways other ways to communicate. Sarah is dedicated to providing person-centered interventions and creates personalised and fun sessions that are based on what motivates the individual to support engagement and the best possible outcomes.

Sarah’s role at Connect Allied Health also involves mentoring our dedicated and talented speech pathology team to support ongoing professional development, in line with our commitment to ensuring evidence-based practice. Sarah supports a collaborative approach at Connect Allied Health, working alongside our Director, Clinical Managers, and Senior Clinicians, to maximise client outcomes and continuity of care.

Connect Allied Health describe her as:

Loyal, empathetic, and dedicated

Outside of work

Sarah currently enjoys checking the progress that has been made on her house that is currently being built and is always keeping her fingers crossed that they will be able to move in by the end of this year! She also enjoys spending time with her husband and their families.

Summer, tea, chocolate and Netflix

Early mornings, winter and running late


Clinical Manager

Senior Occupational Therapist
Positive Behaviour Support Practitioner

Mary is an experienced occupational therapist, with approximately 6.5 years in the field, and has been with CAH for just over 1 year. Mary has worked with clients of all ages and in a range of settings from aged care to paediatrics.

About Mary:

Mary has always held a true passion for assisting and supporting people of all ages increase their independence, achieve their individual goals, and improve their quality of life.

In the adult population, Mary has experience in equipment prescription, rehabilitation, and minor home modifications. In the paediatric population, Mary has experience working with children who have difficulties with fine and gross motor skills, behavioural difficulties, and sensory sensitivities, including children diagnosed with Intellectual Disability, learning delays, and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Connect Allied Health describe her as:

Loyal, kind, calm and approachable

Outside of work

Mary loves spending time with her partner, family, friends, and her two cheeky sausage dogs (Kevin and Gary) who keep them very busy. Mary loves reading, good food, travel, music, and coffee. 😊

Good food and good coffee

Traffic and mess and disorganisation


Clinical Manager

Senior Occupational Therapist
Behaviour Support Practitioner

Connect Allied Health are super excited to introduce our senior occupational therapist and positive behaviour support practitioner, Kara!

Kara is an experienced clinician and has worked with clients of all ages, from small children to the elderly. Kara is especially passionate about supporting children and young people with Autism Spectrum Disorder to maximise their independence and reach their full potential.

About Kara:

Kara has recently supported clients to develop skills to make their lunch for school, shop for groceries in the community, and develop positive behaviour support plans to minimise and eliminate behaviours of concern.

Kara loves the vast nature of OT, with no two days being the same.

Connect Allied Health describe her as:

Leader, professional and compassionate

Outside of work

Kara loves being on the water, including canoeing, fishing, water skiing and swimming at the beach or river. She is also a keen Harry Potter fan (fellow fans might recognise the train line behind her in the photo from the Harry Potter movies).
Kara is also a big fan of coffee and likes to kick start her day with a strong brew.

Skiing on the river and dogs

Busy shopping centres and doing the dishes


Senior Speech Pathologist

Laura graduated from Flinders University in 2019 with a Bachelor of Speech Pathology. She has experience working in a variety of settings, including homes, clinic, early learning centres, kindergartens, mainstream and specialist schools and education units. Laura is dedicated to ongoing professional development and the provision of person-centred care.

About Laura:

As such, she collaborates closely with educators and other key stakeholders to maximise a child’s potential across environments. She is also working with senior speech pathologists to develop her skills working with adults.

Laura has a passion for supporting children with speech and language difficulties whilst empowering families to do the same. Having a background in disability support, Laura has experience working with children who have Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Laura has a special interest in early intervention and is committed to providing holistic and individualised care through a client-centred approach. She enjoys the personalised nature of speech pathology as she gets to form positive relationships with her clients whilst contributing to their development across therapy.

Connect Allied Health describe her as:

Empathetic, creative, and dedicated

Outside of work

Outside of work, Laura enjoys all things health and fitness, as well as spending time with loved ones.

Going to the gym and animals

Winter weather and scary movies


Senior Speech Pathologist

Jessica commenced as a speech pathologist earlier in 2020 and is passionate about supporting people across the lifespan to improve their communication skills and everyday participation.

About Jessica:

Jessica has worked with people of all ages to support their expressive and receptive language skills, articulation of speech sounds, social thinking, and literacy skills, and is thoughtful and creative in supporting clients to effectively communicate their wants, needs, thoughts, and feelings.

Jessica is dedicated to supporting clients and their network to develop skills and knowledge to engage, participate, and thrive, to maximise therapy outcomes and achieve their full potential!

Jessica upholds a person-centred approach and carefully considers the individual needs of her clients to make activities fun and motivating!

Connect Allied Health describe her as:

Enthusiastic, genuine and passionate

Outside of work

Jessica loves animals, spending time outdoors, and living sustainably.

Dogs and the beach

Rain and single use plastics


Senior Occupational Therapist

Gael is a calm and friendly clinician who enjoys working with a wide range of clients. She loves the diversity and freedom of occupational therapy and is passionate about helping her clients to reach their full potential and achieve their goals.

About Gael:

Gael is experienced working with children who have difficulties with fine and gross motor skills, sensory sensitivities, and behavioural difficulties, including children diagnosed with Intellectual Disability, learning delays and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Gael also has additional training in both paediatric feeding and yoga, and is further developing skills working with the adult population.

In her spare time, Gael enjoys spending time with her own family and kids, exploring new hiking trails, playgrounds, beaches and listening to music.

Connect Allied Health describe her as:

Friendly, positive and determined

Outside of work

In her spare time, Gael enjoys spending time with her own family and kids, exploring new hiking trails, playgrounds, beaches, and listening to music.

Going to the beach and driving through the hills

Early mornings and magpies


Senior Occupational Therapist

Tara has experience working with toddlers, school age children, teenagers, and young adults. Tara is deeply passionate about supporting children to reach their full potential and to have some fun along the way! Tara cannot wait to learn more about working with adults and the elderly in their homes and within the community to support their goals.

About Tara:

Tara loves to watch her clients learn, grow, and increase their independence. Tara loves that occupational therapy has no “one size fits all” and everyone is different and possesses different skills!

Tara is very excited to be a part of the Connect Allied Health team! 😊

Connect Allied Health describe her as:

Kind, cheerful and enthusiastic

Outside of work

Tara has a young border collie puppy, Luna, who keeps her on her toes! She is a country girl at heart and because of that she loves the outdoors and being down at the river. Tara loves her sport and plays netball and volleyball.

Dogs, coffee and the river



Occupational Therapist

Cora recently joined the Connect Allied Health team in early 2021. She has experience across the lifespan in working with children in preschools and schools, working in a hospital with adults and working in an aged care home. She is looking forward to developing her skills as a new Occupational Therapist.

About Cora:

Cora is passionate about sharing her love for music, so whilst she was studying, she taught piano and cello to a wide range of students for 4 years. Cora has always loved children as she has 14 younger cousins who she grew up with. She enjoys the un-predictableness of them, getting to know their personalities and playing games with them. Cora is looking forward to assisting children and families to achieve their goals whilst having fun through various activities.

Connect Allied Health describe her as:

Smart, Kind and Passionate

Outside of work

Cora loves spending time with her partner and her mini poodle. She enjoys playing the piano, going for hikes and playing netball with her friends.

Passionfruit gelato, the smell of rain and beach evenings

Heat waves, ocean plastic and rock music


Finance Officer

Katie has had 10 years’ experience in finance and enjoys all aspects of it, her current role is working in accounts receivable.

About Katie:

Katie has worked in the health industry for 4 years and enjoys working for a company, that she feels, ‘truly cares about the clients and staff’.

Connect Allied Health describe her as:

Efficient, Reliable, Positive and Friendly

Outside of work

Katie spends most of her time with her Husband Matt and sons Noah and Jackson. Katie enjoys travelling (although we can’t do much of that at the moment – thanks COVID)

Spending time with family, warm weather and music

Spiders, winter and mess


Speech Pathologist

Daniella joined Connect Allied Health as a speech pathologist in 2021. She has experience working with people of all ages to support their language, speech, social skills, literacy, fluency (stuttering) and Augmentative and Alternative Communication.

Daniella has a strong passion for working closely with clients and their families to achieve their therapy goals and to make a positive impact.  She values building strong therapeutic relationships with clients and collaborating with those in the client’s community.

About Daniella:

Connect Allied Health describe her as:

Dedicated, friendly, caring

Outside of work

Pilates, coffee

Parallel Parking, spiders


Speech Pathologist

Madison graduated from Flinders University in 2020 with a Bachelor of Speech Pathology. She has experience working in a variety of settings and learning environments, including within homes, clinic, kindergartens, schools and residential aged care.

About Madison:

Madison is passionate about supporting people across the lifespan to improve their communication and everyday participation in functional activities. She has worked with children and adults with disabilities, receptive and expressive language delays and disorders, speech and articulation delays and disorders, literacy difficulties, and difficulties with social skills. Madison also has experience and a keen interest to support adults with dysphagia, especially providing recommendations and education to key stakeholders, including family and residential aged care staff.

Connect Allied Health describe her as:

Engaging, friendly and driven.

Outside of work

Madison enjoys the face-to-face nature of her role as a Speech Pathologist and is enthusiastic about forming positive relationships with her clients and their families whilst effectively contributing to their development and participation across therapy.

Travelling, cooking, and spending time with friends.

Heights and running late.


Speech Pathologist

Orla graduated from Flinders University in 2020 with a bachelor’s degree in Speech Pathology. She has experience working with school-aged children (aged 5-16) and adults with brain injuries (aged 28 to 67) to support their literacy, language, fluency and speech skills.

About Oria:

Orla enjoys connecting with her clients and their families based on the similarities and differences of their cultural backgrounds, hobbies and experiences. She is a motivated team player and is committed to furthering her knowledge as a speech pathologist at Connect Allied Health.

Connect Allied Health describe her as:

Caring, bright and easy going.

Outside of work

Orla loves going to the gym, drinking coffee with friends, singing in her choir, and road-tripping.

Dogs, beach sunsets, op-shopping and puns.

Being disorganised and slow drivers.



Rosie Haddad graduated from Charles Sturt University with a Bachelor of Podiatry degree with first class Honours in 2005. She is a fully qualified Podiatrist that has worked in various Podiatry settings between South Australia, NSW and Victoria including Private Practices, Community health centres, multi-disciplinary allied health practices, Public Hospitals, outreach clinics and Residential Aged Care Facilities for the past 16 years. She established Foot & Sole Podiatry in Torrensville SA in 2020 and has a satellite clinic with PartridgeGP in Glenelg enabling her to provide services in Metropolitan Adelaide SA.

About Rosie:

Rosie is a friendly and passionate Podiatrist with extensive experience across all areas of Podiatry. Rosie’s experiences include assessment and management of patients with Diabetes and chronic disease, Paediatric assessments, Sports related injury management, Orthotic therapy, Dry Needling of the lower limb, heel pain management, Ingrown toenail treatment, and General nail and skin care of the feet. She provides home visit treatments to clients with experiencing working with NDIS funded clientele.

Rosie strives to make a difference in her patient’s everyday life. She looks forward to helping her patients achieve their goal whether it is reducing foot pain, improving the way the foot functions, foot injury prevention and generally making your feet more comfortable.

Connect Allied Health describe her as:

Happy, friendly & always smiling

Outside of work

Spending time with family and friends, taking my dog Dotti for walks, watching true crime documentaries on netflix and hope to travel more around Australia especially back to Melbourne to see my nieces and nephew.

Autumn weather, all types of chocolate, sleep ins on a Sunday

Early morning starts, impatient drivers, being unorganised


Governance and Coordination Manager

Jemma has a varied history prior to joining Connect Allied Health including being a former school teacher, working as a complaints case manager for a telecommunications company, and working as a therapy coordinator.

About Jemma:

Connect Allied Health describe her as:

Friendly, diligent, approachable and ambitious

Outside of work

Jemma spends most of her time with her son Caleb, husband Daniel, and her numerous pets (3x cats, 1x dog + lots of fish). Jemma also has a love of traveling and has been to a number of countries including, Egypt, Jordan, China, the UK, America, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Summer and travelling

Winter and housework (cleaning)


Strategy & Operations

Alex joined CAH in 2018 as the practice manager, helping to grow the team and provide additional head office administrative support to our wonderful clinicians. Alex’s role has changed and evolved over the years and she is now working with the director, focusing on operations, strategic planning and managing our Positive Behaviour Support services.

Alex has worked in the administrative side of allied health for 11 years in therapy coordination, HR, recruitment and management. Alex really enjoys spreadsheets, colour coding and analysing current processes and procedures and implementing process improvements to increase efficiencies and streamline the delivery of a high quality customer experience.

Connect Allied Health describe her as:

Dedicated, hard working and efficient

Outside of work

Alex loves to shop and spend most of her free time at play cafes, playgrounds or on play dates with her 2 kids, Mackenzie, 5, and Ollie, 2. When she does get to enjoy some rare kid-free time, Alex loves nothing more than a nice meal out with friends with a good bottle of bubbles or an espresso martini (in a cute new outfit of course).

Coffee, good food, good wine and good company

Mess, disorganisation and spiders


Finance Manager

Debbie joined Connect Allied Health in April 2019 and heads up our Finance department, she brings 30 + years’ experience working within the Health industry in a financial role doing end to end accounting including payroll.

About Debbie:

Debbie is passionate about working in a health service industry where in the background she can help to support the team by assisting to build a strong financial company.

Connect Allied Health describe her as:

Caring, positive, generous and approachable

Outside of work

Debbie enjoys going to church where she helps run the Alpha course, she also enjoys reading, walking her dog, and spending time with her family.

Walking and reading

Spiders and people leaving trolleys in car parks

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