Support Coordination

The NDIS can include support coordination adelaide in your plan, which allows participants to access a support coordinator to better understand your plan and find and connect you with service providers to suit your individual needs. Not all plans include support coordination. If you think you would benefit from this type of support, it is important to ask your Local Area Coordinator about eligibility and how to apply when planning or reviewing your plan.

In regards to support coordination, Connect Allied Health will work to ensure the following outcomes:

In regards to support coordination, Connect Allied Health will work to ensure the following outcomes:

»» Each participant receiving specialised support coordination receives tailored support to implement, monitor and review their support plans and reduce the risk and complexity of their situation.

»» Each participant exercises meaningful choice and control over their supports and maximises the value for money they receive from their supports.

»» Each participant receives transparent, factual advice about their support options which promotes choice and control.

Choosing to access support Coordination via Connect Allied Health, we will:

»» Assist you to better understand the details of your plan.

»» Actively listen to your concerns and assist in sourcing a variety of suitable service providers in line with your individual needs and preferences.

»» Advise and guide you and help resolve any issues with providers throughout your NDIS journey.

»» Liaise with current service providers as per your preferences, so you can continue to work with the people you know and trust.

Our support coordinators are experienced in the disability sector, and have years of experience in navigating the NDIS. They understand the NDIS and can draw on a large network of service providers, both NDIS registered and non-registered, in SA.

If the NDIS doesn’t give you funding for Support Coordination, there are still some options for assistance.

Ask your Local Area Coordinator

If you don’t have Support Coordination in your plan, your Local Area Coordinator (LAC) should be the first one to go to when you need support
with finding service providers. Your LAC can supply you with a list of service providers in your area to get your plan started.

Speak to our team today about your needs.